Here is what some of Dr. Yu's previous and current patients have said about their treatments.

I have been to Dr. Yu for a few years and he is very professional. He really concentrates on your issues you are having and is very positive and listens so well. Getting accupuncture from him everytime, I fell like a new person. He is so supportive and has helped my family as well. He really is amazing and thank you Dr. Yu for all you have done to help me and my family.
Carolyn C. Bellevue, WA 10/12/2016

I was a patient of Dr. Yu before and have taken a lot of acupuncture sessions. He is a good listener and very knowledgable in his field. Dr. Yu worked with our insurance and when I ran out of acupuncture sessions covered under Insurance, he gave me time to pay for the sessions I took from him. For whatever condition I was there at his clinic, I was relieved by his treatment. Thanks to Dr. Yu for his patience, knowledge and concern for his patients. I blindly recommend Dr Yu to anybody who is looking for an holistic approach to healing.
If I'm ever back in Bellevue, WA, I would definitely be visiting Dr. Yu for acupuncture session.
Tara S. San Jose, CA 10/7/2016

Dr. Yu is very professional. I have been seeing Doctor Yu for the past year and his magic needles have solved a lot of problems for me and my family members.
He cured my back pain in a few treatments, and it doesn't feel painful anymore. In addition, my digestion have been improved. Every time I go in, I was very relaxed.
I only wish that I knew him earlier, expert in this field!
Angela L. Renton, WA 9/13/2016

I have visited Dr Yu many times for acupuncture, mostly for my lower back pain. I have posted a review on yelp for his business before, but I just noticed that he moved and as a result the review doesn't show up under his business any more.
Below is a copy & past of my previous review (Note the "last year" was relative to the year I wrote my first review:
Great acupuncturist. I twisted my lower back really bad last year. I wan't able to move at all, wasn't able to get up (even with help), and my lower back spasmed every few minutes. I didn't know what to do. Dr Yu's treatment did magic to my back. After about a hour's treatment, the spasm stopped, and I was able to get up with help. Then he continued the treatment for another hour. I was able to get up on my own, was able to move and walk upstair and downstair. My lower back was still very stiff and there was still a lot of pain, but it was a huge improvement compared to the situation before the treatment. I continued to see him for some follow up sessions, and every treatment proved gave me significant improvement.
And since posting my first review I have seen him multiple times, most are for lower back pain and a few time for shoulder pain or for sleeping difficulty. All the treatment worked out well for me. I feel I have someone I can trust and won't hesitate to visit him if I need acupuncture treatment again.
Wei Z. Bellevue, WA 9/9/2016

I was very fortunate to have found Dr Yu when I suddenly developed the "frozen shoulder". It hit me on a Friday and the pain got so bad that I even considered going to the emergency over the weekend. I have used acupuncture for shoulder pain in past, so I knew it would work, however after many phonecalls I couldn't find a therapist that was open on Sunday. Dr Yu typically doesn't work on Sundays, however being a true medical professional he'd immediately agreed to meet me. The first treatment allowed me to sleep the following night. After 5-6 treatments the pain was completely gone, but I continued seeing Fr Yu for another couple of months to make sure the shoulder healed properly. I've recommended Dr Yu to many of my friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
He never overbooks himself, so you don't have to wait. His clinic is also conveniently located close to public transport and has plenty of onsite parking.
Vladimir L. Redmond, WA 9/29/2016

I have lived with sleeping problem and chronically pain for more than 15 years, finally diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I have seen many physicians and specialists for my conditions during these years, basically nothing helped me in any way.
I started to see Dr. Yu last November while I was in miserable state of health, suffering from severe sleeping deprivation and excruciating pain. Acupuncture treatments Dr. Yu performed on me helped me immediately with my sleep problem, also subsided my pain. I continue to see Dr. Yu today, since then my health condition has improved significantly, and my symptoms are notably less month after month.
I highly recommend Dr. Yu to anyone whom seeking alternative safe method to treat their health issues without any danger and side effect from conventional medical treatment. As a doctor, Dr. Yu is very professional, reliable and trustworthy. I feel very lucky to be treated by him.
Ping L. Issaquah, WA 9/15/2016

Dr Yu is brilliant kind and caring, he has helped me immeasurably.
I trust him100%
yvonne w. Duvall, WA 9/9/2016

Dr. Yu is a skilled acupuncturist and doctor. He takes time listen to your problems and progression each session. My family has been going to him for a long time, and he has treated all of us with many conditions such as ache and pain, headache, digestive, skin and smell problems. For majority of my life I did not have good sense of smell, and ever since starting treatment with Dr. Yu, gradually I can smell many things I've not been able to in the past. Acupuncture may be scary to some people, but Dr. Yu's background and training definitely made me very confident in him. I highly recommend Dr. Yu to anyone who wants to try acupuncture.
C K. Renton, WA 7/11/2016

One of the best Doctors I have known. At first, I was very nervous about the needles but the Dr Yu made sure to get me out of it. His treatment has been very beneficial for me. He is highly knowledgeable in his area of Specialization and gives accurate treatment. He is not hungry for money or does not push a patient to take unnecessary sessions. He is very flexible in making appointments.
NTara S. Bellevue, WA 3/27/2012

I have been seeing Dr Yu since he opened his practice in Bellevue. I suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and he helps me manage the illness, especially when I am in a lot of pain. His treatments are gentle and pain free. The results are that I always feel better/ much improved after an appointment.
Becky L. Bellevue, WA 2/20/2013

I have had the privilege of receiving acupuncture from Ding Fang Yu for approximately one year. He is far better than other acupuncturists that I tried in Texas. Ding Fang has successfully helped me stop using all substances. I have now been substance free (including tobacco) for four months. His work has also helped me with anxiety and tightness in my throat caused by anxiety. In addition I now have a better sense of myself and what is and is not healthy for me in general. I also feel more connected in my relationships. For many years I was on various pharmaceuticals for anxiety and depression. With the help of acupuncture, I am now off of all these medications. Ding Fang is very holistic and has given me excellent advice on eating well, getting proper sleep and finding balance!

Dr. Yu, Thank you for your treatment of my father-in-law's stomachache. He has not encountered any more symptoms since then. Also thank you for your advices on health.

I suffered from Bell's palsy for months and Dr. Yu cured it within one month. I was very satisfied with the overall treatments and Dr. Yu's knowledge with his practices.

Dr Yu, I have not smoked since the first week of treatment. I would like to thank you. I appreciate it more than I can ever say. Thank you again!

Dear Dr. Yu,
Early last year, I came to you for acupuncture in the hopes that it would make my Invitro Fertilization treatment successful.  Well, it was definitely a success.  Chloe was born on 1/28/09 at 7:59 a.m. via C-Section.  She was 6 pounds & 14 ounces and 18 inches long when she was born.  She’s about 15 pounds now and is doing very well.
Attached are pictures of the baby and of our family.
Thanks for your help Dr. Yu!  We will always be very grateful.
C. J., May 1, 2009

Thank you Dr. Dingfang Yu. Thank you!
Dr. Yu is a true master of the art of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. He masterfully understands the body and it's energy (chi) flows. During my treatments I was in awe at the quiet depth of concentration as he planned his approach to reestablishing harmony in my body. I had a herniated disc. As he placed the needles meticulously down my back, I could feel the release. The circulation of blood flowing as though the area took a breath where it had been choking. I no longer have pain. I had my fears of attempting to lift anything, walk, run, climb again even sleep. I now do all those things and more with no sign of pain. I was also going through grief. Grief of the loss of my Father, Mother and best Friend. His depth of compassion frightened me at first. I have never experienced true compassion such as he so willingly offers. He immerses himself fully into the experience of whatever it is that you are going through without judgement or unnecessary words. I am smiling from a heart that is open to joy again. I know that no matter what time of day or night I may need his help, he will be there. He's an old soul who's here for you and me. Trust and he will perform miracles.

I have been susceptible to anxiety and depression my whole life. I have also been a chocoholic – I have always craved chocolate, butter, and sugar. When I first came to see Dr. Yu, I was a mess. I was anxious, depressed, and unable to sleep or eat. My body ached almost everywhere. I could barely get through a day. I cried most of the time. Then a friend recommended I see Dr. Yu. After the first two sessions, I could feel my depression lifting and I was less anxious. After just ten sessions, my anxiety and depression went away but, even more surprising to me, my craving for sugar and chocolate decreased dramatically. While I didn’t ask Dr. Yu to fix my food cravings, I’m so happy that he did. My energy level has never been better and almost all my aches and pains are gone. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Yu. He truly worked miracles for me.

Dr. Yu is a friend of my dad. I had a severe headache during my finals. It was so bad I could not finish my exam and had to call my mom to pick me up from school. My dad called Dr. Yu to come see me. After Dr. Yu looked at my tongue and took my pulse, he started to put a few needles on both my hands, both my feet, and one on my head. Less than five minutes later, my headache was gone! Dr. Yu is a magician!

I had right side facial palsy one year ago. I went to an acupuncturist for about six months. My face recovered pretty well, but I was left with something I did not expect. Whenever I ate something, my right eye started tearing up which was really annoying. My acupuncturist tried his best but could not solve the problem, so he introduced me to Dr. Yu. After a brief exam, Dr. Yu started acupuncture on me. He put one needle in the inner corner of my right eye, two needles on my hands and two on my feet. After only one acupuncture treatment, the tearing was much less. I continued acupuncture with Dr. Yu for two weeks and now my problem is completely cured.

I had a stroke six months ago and my left limbs were paralyzed. Since then Dr. Yu treated me with scalp acupuncture combined with body acupuncture. During the initial visit, Dr. Yu treated me in my wheelchair. He put a few needles on my right temple area with manual stimulations. I felt a mixed sensation of heaviness, numbness, warmth, and distention at the locaton of needles. About five minutes later, Dr. Yu asked me to move my left hand and leg. Amazingly, I could move them for the first time in six months. I could even stand up immediately from the very first treatment. I continued my acupuncture treatments for three months. I left my wheelchair and can take care of myself without any difficulties.

My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her surgeon decided to do surgery and then three courses of Chemotherapy. Since Dr. Yu is a friend of mine, we discussed the benefits of acupuncture in relieving side effects of chemotherapy. With the help of acupuncture from Dr. Yu, my aunt went through the operation and first course of chemotherapy with ease, and her surgeon was surprised by her blood test results. They were amazingly good! Her surgeon did not believe the results were from acupuncture, so he ordered her to stop taking acupunctre. Only two days after starting the second course of chemotherapy, my aunt could not bear the side effects – she suffered from severe nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, almost collapsed mentally and physically by the fifth day of chemotherapy treatment. I called Dr. Yu and he came to see my aunt immediately. Only one half hour after Dr. Yu put some needles on my aunt’s hands, legs, and abdomen, she felt better and started smiling again. With Dr. Yu’s help, my aunt successfully went through her third course of chemotherapy in the scheduled time.

I suffered a whiplash in a car accident. I had very severe pain in my neck, which radiated up to the back and top of my head and down to my upper back. I had a very stiff neck. I could not turn my head and could not sit in front of computer for more than ten minutes. The pain medications seemed to have little effect. A friend recommended me to go see Dr. Yu. I got immediate pain relief at the first visit. After a total of 10 visits, Dr. Yu helped me to get rid of the problem.

I injured my back badly (herniated lumbar discs at levels L4-5 and L5-S1) during playing soccer with some friends. My lower back pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t turn over when lying in bed, and couldn’t get out of bed. The pain also radiated to my right thigh, leg, and foot, and I walked with a limp. My orthopedic doctor planned to operate on my lower back, but I was worried. Then one of my friends introduced me to Dr. Yu. I got relief immediately from the very first acupuncture treatment. With Dr. Yu’s help, I completed six months of acupuncture treatments, completely recovered from the lower back pain and sciatic pain, and avoided surgery.
K. K